How Does Homeopathy Work?

By on August 2, 2017
how does homeopathy work

If you have heard of natural, homeopathic remedies you might be asking yourself, “Just how does homeopathy work?” Based on the principle that “like treats like”, micro amounts of natural substances and chemicals which usually cause illnesses and ailments are used to treat them.

This is the same basic principle of medicinal vaccination. The difference is that homeopathic remedies are used to treat illnesses and symptoms.   Vaccination is used as a preventive measure, and the scientific approach is different as well.

Homeopathic remedies go through a succussion process.

This is when a very small molecular amount of a natural chemical, food or substance is diluted in water and sometimes other solutions. Succussion occurs when this mixture is shaken intensely.  Homeopathic treatments should not be confused with herbal remedies which do not undergo the succussion process.

Since scientists believe that water has a memory, even when there is no presence of the original substance.  The water it was mixed in still contains a minuscule presence of that natural chemical or herb.

And these incredibly diluted homeopathic remedies have been proven to effectively treat symptoms and illnesses of both the mind and body. This works in animals and plants as well as humans, as they are all natural living things.  Since humans and animals are natural entities, it makes sense that nature can safely be used to treat their illnesses effectively.

Have you ever diced or sliced a red onion?red onion image

You may have experienced a runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing and possibly even an itchy throat while doing so.  Raw red onion is succused into a homeopathic remedy for people that suffer from colds or mild allergies.

Since there is little to no molecular traces of the original red onion in the homeopathic remedy, there is no chance for negative side effects. However, the immune systems of animals and humans are so diligent that they recognize the trace of red onion in the succused homeopathic remedy. The body’s own healing mechanisms and immune system are alerted.

The result is your body doing what it does naturally.

It addresses the symptoms of your illness or ailment, and strengthens your body’s defenses. This makes homeopathic treatment for animals and humans a gentle yet very effective system of healing.

So, “How does homeopathy work?”

It addresses illnesses by stimulating and boosting a body’s own natural healing powers using natural substances. Since the process is natural, it is used to treat children and adults, men and women, and animals.

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