10 Reasons Why You Need To Drink Lemon Water

By on February 10, 2015

Lemon water is one of the absolute easiest home remedies available today. Lemons contain a very potent antiviral and immune system boosting compound that also aids in digestion and detoxifying your body. Lemons also contain a whole host of vitamins such as vitamin C, citric acid, calcium, and magnesium.

Making lemon water is as simple as boiling water, adding a lemon slice, and letting it cool. So, how does such a simple drink help your body?

1. It helps you lose weight – Lemons are rich in pectin, fiber which decreases appetite.

2. Improves digestion – Lemon juice helps the body discharge waste materia, by stimulating the liver to secrete acids important for the digestion.

3. Cleans the skin – Vitamin C reduces the pores and any skin imperfection. Lemon water cleans the toxins from the blood that affect the health of your skin.

4. Improves the immune system – Thanks to the large amount of vitamin C, which is excellent in fighting colds. Lemons also contain potassium, which stimulates the brain, nerves and controls the blood pressure.

5. Reduces respiratory problems – Warm lemon water will help you stop coughing and breathe more easily, so it is especially beneficial for people with asthma and allergies.

6. Balances pH – This fruit is one of the most alkaline foods. Drink some lemon water, in order to reduce the acidity in your body. Lemons contain citric acid, but it does not affect the acidity in your body.

7. An excellent diuretic – Lemon accelerates the excretion of urine and thereby eliminates the toxins. The urinary tract is healthier when it is regularly cleaned.

8. Due to the large amount of vitamin C, lemon water is used in the treatment of infections, wounds, allergies and sore throat.

9. Drink it instead of coffee – Even though it contains no caffeine, lemon water is an excellent replacement for your morning coffee.

10. Freshens your breath, relieves toothache and gum inflammation, but be careful – citric acid erodes the tooth enamel.


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