Seven Worst Habits After Eating

By on February 17, 2015
Seven Worst Habits After Eating

Sometimes there is nothing better in life than slowing down and having a good, well-balanced, home cooked meal. The problem lies is what most people do AFTER the meal. No matter what it is you find yourself eating, here is a list of 7 of the worst habits you should avoid after eating to achieve maximum benefits from your food.

1.Cigarette after having a meal
Experts warn that this habit is more harmful than it seemed, because only one cigarette after a meal has the effect as if you have smoked 10 cigarettes. Our digestive system works through the entire body and nicotine binds to the blood oxygen.

2. Fruit after having a meal
Your body is able to digest fruit very quickly and if you consume fruit immediately after your meal the fruit remains in the stomach for a long time and causes decay, releases gases and toxins, which, except this, can encourage formation of cellulite. So eat fruit when your stomach is empty or two hours before or after having a meal.

3. Tea after having a meal
This habit is not good, although many people are practicing this habit. Tea caffeine as the main ingredient binds to iron and slows digestion, which can be very bad for anemic people. Anemic people should not drink tea at least one hour after eating.

4. Swimming after having a meal
In this case, our grandmothers and mothers are totally right, but experts also warned that is not recommended to take a shower right after eating. Water improves blood flow throughout the body, but after eating our blood goes to the stomach where digestion takes place. When we have a shower our body experiences sudden changes in temperature, so blood is needed in the whole body.

5. Waist exercise after having a meal
This is a habit we all have, but waist exercise after having a meal can lead to intestines entanglement and digestion delaying. Also there is additional reason why waist exercise after having a meal is bad. It can lead to weight gaining.

6. Activity after eating
While everyone thinks that physical activity is good after having a meal, the truth is rather different. Physical activity is blocking your digestive system to absorb nutrients from your meal. It is recommended to take an easy and pleasant walk, but without any stronger efforts.

7. Sleeping after eating
This is another old myth proved to be true. When we sleep all body functions are “sleeping” together with our brain and it is not recommended to fall asleep after eating. Lying position is also not recommended and is not good for the digestion and gastric juices, so they are unable to do their job. This habit can lead to stomach problems.

Source: Healthy Food House

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