Writers Wanted

Hello,  My name is Adam Klein and I am the founder and creator of Pillsdontwork.com .  We have been online for a few years and have built up a nice audience, however the current challenge we are facing is keeping them updated with valuable content.  

We are looking for aspiring or experienced writers to help us keep our audience up to date and informed on health related topics.  Our belief is that your food should be your medicine and we want to help educate people on their eating choices.  We believe that the vast majority of pills prescribed by doctors do not cure illnesses, they only supress them so people will merely fell better until their body heals itself or they die whichever comes first.  

There are many current and ancient holistic remedies and lifestyles that prevent or cure most if not all illnesses in the world today.  


So Whats in it for you?

Currently we are in the content creation phase so great articles is our main focus.  At the moment we are not offering to pay you for your articles however, Once we are in a position to pay we will get in touch with a few of our best writers and compensate them for their future works but in the meantime, each article you write for us (if accepted) will be published to our site with your name and a short bio (if you want to remain anonymous that’s fine as well)  many of our readers are also in the same niche as we are and are looking for great writers to write for their blogs.  Not only could you become famous writing for us but you could end up writing for a large company as a result of one of your articles.  Basically by you helping us, we will be helping you to expose your writing skills to the world.

This opportunity won’t be for everyone but if this is something you would like to contribute to then that’s awesome.

please get in touch with me and lets help each other out.